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Our customer who wished to remain anonymous shared with us this stunning photo of the Lily Chandelier in her kitchen space. We think it looks amazing and adds that perfect amount of glam to her home. Congratulations!

- Bella Cottage Team
October 14, 2019 Verified Buyer
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I do love it! ... I can put a ton of things underneath and lots of room for tea tray, books, etc up top!

- L. Cain
October 21, 2019 Verified Buyer
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Kelly and Pam shared this gorgeous photo of this stunning Russell Sideboard decorated in beautiful fall decor. We love their instagram feed which featured this photo. They write: "We love our Russell Sideboard !! It’s so fabulous that Pam and I each bought one !!! 💗" 

- Kelly & Pam of IG:ivorylanehome
September 12, 2019 Verified Buyer
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Hi - Here are a couple of shots of the kitchen cart! I discovered the bottom shelf makes a very nice wine rack. ... it is getting a full workout in my kitchen dining area.  Thanks for everything!

- John G.
September 7, 2019 Verified Buyer
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Yes it is stunning! The velvet is beautiful in the gray and the details are spot on. [...] the frame has been maintained beautifully! So happy with this purchase. 

- A. Power
May 14, 2019 Verified Buyer
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I saw this vintage dining table and set of chairs and fell in love! My dining room is ready for the fall season.

- Liza
Septemeber 8, 2019 Verified Buyer
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Thank you for working with me to create my favorite room in the house! The desk, bench and bed fit together so well and I couldn't be happier.

- A. Heide
March 6, 2019 Verified Buyer
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This creative customer ordered a stunning vintage desk and had it repainted to match her daughter's room. The result is a dreamy, pink bedroom that we just adore! Thank you for sharing your finished room with us.

- The Bella Cottage Team
March 12, 2019
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Ms. Parker shared with us this photograph of her completed room and we must say that it looks gorgeous! She bought Vintage Bergeres and Vintage Settees from us and it looks perfect! Thank you for sharing your stunning space with us. We were happy to work with you! --The Bella Cottage Staff

- E. Parker
August 8, 2018
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Hi, I just wanted to let you know that the furniture I purchased from you, 3-piece sectional, and 8 dining chairs, and vintage French cane bed are all fantastic and more than I had expected. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I am looking forward to purchasing more items when I move into our new house. Thank You, Kathi D.

- Kathi D
October 12, 2017 Verified Buyer
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I just wanted to send an email to say thank you for my beautiful table. I received it yesterday and we could not be more happy. It is exactly what we were hoping for. Thanks! Lyndsi H.

- Lyndsi H.
August 27, 2017 Verified Buyer
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Hello The Bella Cottage! I finally met my dining table in this morning. It fits perfectly and looks good on my house just the way I imagined. I love it and the best dining table ever! I'm sure my husband and my big daughter will love it. Thank you so much for the lovely table. I'm so happy. Aiko K.

- Aiko K.
May 10, 2017 Verified Buyer
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I received my China Cabinet and Chairs and LOVE them. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

- Colleen V.
February 7, 2017 Verified Buyer
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Our customer, D. Stanley, sent us this gorgeous photo of her home featuring custom upholstered furniture & side tables from our store. Everything looks so beautiful and dreamy! What a romantic room, wouldn't you say? Thank you for sharing this photo with us! 

- D. Stanley
June 5, 2016 Verified Buyer
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Our amazing customer, Ms. Parker, shared with us this stunning photo of her living room filled with furniture purchased from our store. We're so in love with her style! Wouldn't you love to spend forever lounging in this space? Congratulations Ms. Parker and thank you for your purchase!

- Ms. Parker
May 30, 2016 Verified Buyer
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MJ is loving the chair!! Thanks again. We love everything! You're the best! Love Kayla and MJ xoxo 

- Kayla and MJ
May 10, 2016 Verified Buyer
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I am so excited to share that I finally found the right chairs for my Great Room. I have had such a difficult time incorporating my Cottage Themed idea of a home decor with my Pottery Barn leather couch we purchased last year. I can tell you that I have scoured the internet several times over and been to every boutique and flea market to find something that sparks an interest! I finally found them where I originally purchased my two other white chairs. These new chairs finally arrived yesterday from The Bella Cottage and I am so glad they fit in my home perfectly! [LINK]

- Tracie
April 25, 2016
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[The Bella Cottage], you truly have a heart of gold and a very special gift that many people don't [possess], so you should be very proud. The customer service I have received has been above and beyond my expectations, you have no idea how wonderful it is working with someone that makes you feel appreciated. Due to this, you completely sold me on every level of service and kindness possible. I just wanted to drop you a line and once again say Thank You. 

- B.J.W.
February 1, 2016 Verified Buyer
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You have all been so wonderful to work with! I just love the items I've purchased from your lovely store! The room is a personal haven of Peace and beauty. 

- M.S.
January 5, 2016 Verified Buyer
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We were happy to provide the furnishings for a fabulous Los Angeles based clothing boutique! Our designers helped customize and build clothing racks, and shelves. We also found gorgeous vintage furnishings such as a stunning armoire, desk, benches and more! The result is a stunning, elegant, French inspired space.

-  Los Angeles Boutique
April 6, 2015 Verified Buyer
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We purchased a new home last year and sought to change our motif. We purchased kitchen and dining room tables and chairs, cabinets, accent tables and more.  We live [...] quite a distance from the showroom and our level of concern was high initially.  

We were thoroughly and candidly described items, high quality images were forwarded to us both timely and easy to interpret.  We were able to select exactly what my wife and designer were shooting to achieve.

- Gary C.
September 2, 2015 Verified Buyer

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