Quality Construction of Prisma Collection Furniture


FRAME: Frames are constructed of 1” and 1.25” hardwood overall, with laminated wood used only if the design necessitates it for shape. Outside back and sides are padded, and in most cases encased in 1/8” plywood before the foam padding is applied.

SUSPENSION: Wherever possible, a true 8-way hand tied [in the frame] suspension system is used. The coils used are of the highest industry standard wire in either 9” or 6” height, depending on the frame design, and they are hand tied in the frame. Some designs and accent chairs may use a no-sag suspension set on 4.5” centers and tied, or use a web suspension system when the design does not support the base depth to handle any other type of spring system.

SEAT CUSHIONS: Seat cushions are constructed using a 2.5 density bun, which is enclosed in various layers of prime urethane cushioning. All foams used meet or exceed California flammability standards and are labeled with the proper law label. The entire cushion is then double wrapped with polyester batting and enclosed in a down proof ticking. This cushion, combined with the base suspension unit, creates a superior seating system which combines luxurious comfort with excellent resiliency and recovery.

UPHOLSTERY DEPARTMENT: All furniture is upholstered in the manufacturing facility by trained technicians. A bench upholstery method is used rather than a line production method, which means that one upholsterer is responsible from start to finish for the complete frame. It also ensures a uniformity of technique, which is the standard for fine upholstery production. Upon completion and inspection approval of the upholstered frame, the cushions are placed on the frame and inspected before the article is approved for packaging.

LEGS AND ATTACHMENTS: All legs and bases are made out of hardwood in our manufacturing facility and finished on sight. Where the design calls for nail head trim, only individual hand set nails are used.

PACKAGING: Packaging is approved upon the complete inspection once the finished article is manufactured. The packaging encompasses the following phases:

  1. Wipe down so that everything is dust free, upon which a synthetic fabric cover is placed on the piece.
  2. Micro-bubble wrap around the entire piece, with special detail paid to wood legs and attachments.
  3. A heavy 4 millimeter plastic bag is placed over the entire item.
  4. Cardboard end “boots” are on both sides so the furniture can be side loaded on the container.
  5. Merchandise is then boxed.

Prisma Home Furniture strives to provide our clients with quality and trouble free product, which is basically delivery ready in its original cartoning. The quality starts with the design and goes through the entire manufacturing process.