3 Fabulous Antique French Mirror Ideas

Mirrors serve an essential function in any home. A mirror can be simple, or it can be an artful statement piece.

Mirrors add beauty to a room, more so than just reflecting the view. If you have a room that tends to be a bit dark, a mirror can bounce much needed light across the room.

Hang a mirror opposite of windows to take advantage of the natural light that comes in through the window. If you don't have a window, position your mirror near a light fixture to achieve a similar effect.


Antique French Mirrors Are Fabulous And Chic

Antique French mirrors add just the right touch of elegance and art to any home. The classic design is timeless and will go with subsequent renovations without needing to be replaced. French mirrors hold their value and will not go out of style.

We have chosen three fabulous antique French mirrors that will be a valuable addition to your home. The first two mirrors are from the House Designs at Bella Cottage.


House Designs Antique French Mirror From Bella Cottage

House Designs offers a selection of antique reproduction mirrors and ceiling medallions that will add elegant, finishing touches to your home. 

These beautiful decorative mirrors can be showcased over a fireplace mantel or dining room buffet, used as a hall mirror, a bedroom dressing mirror or vanity mirror, or as a focal point anywhere in your home. 

House Designs also offers a variety of intricate bed crowns or tiebacks, which have become Bella Cottage favorites.

french etienne


French Etienne Mirror

The name Etienne is a name of French origin, meaning "garland, crown." The name Etienne is well-used and popular in traditional French-speaking lands and often bestowed upon baby boys.

A true symbol of French royalty, in stunning ornate carvings, the French Etienne mirror features a stunning French scroll frame along with the mirrored glass. This gem will make a statement that is sure to start conversations.


French Etienne Mirror Features:

57 "H x 39" W

  • It is handcrafted of blended pecan shell wood & resin.
  • Multiple finishes are available.
  • Made in the USA
  • Ready to Hang
  • Hangs Vertically
  • Additional finishes available


french cartouche


French Cartouche Mirror

Inspired by 19th-century style, meticulous details and a regal floral wreath top, make the French Cartouche mirror shine with sophistication. 

In a classic rounded-top rectangle shape, this wreath mirror features subtle swirled carvings along with the entire frame and a beaded accent along with the inner trim. A royal addition to any space.


The French Cartouche Mirror Features:

  • 28 "H x 18" W
  • It is handcrafted of blended pecan shell wood & resin.
  • Multiple finishes are available. See color chart.
  • Made in the USA
  • Additional finishes available

Regent Collection Antique French Mirror From Bella Cottage

This next antique design is a timeless and traditional French look that has never gone out of style.The Regent Collection features beautiful Louis XV style cabriole legs and feminine curves. 

Each piece is hand finished to exhibit texture and patina. Soft whites, french greys, and gilded accents make these pieces neutral and timeless.

Trumeau Mirror

Ave Home French King Louis XVI Regent Trumeau Mirror

The Ave Home Regent Trumeau Mirror features the neoclassical style of French King Louis XVI. 

It is finished with a bluish-grey and adorned with intricate carvings accented with gold leaf. This French mirror would be magnificent for a mantel or to hang alone.

The Regent Trumeau Mirror Features: 

  • 64"H x 40.5"W x 1.5"D
  • French Grey finish with Gilded accents
  • Handcrafted and finished


Antique French Mirrors Can Be Used Numerous Ways

There are many ways that you can use elegant mirrors to add style interest to any room or area of a room that needs extra pizzaz.

Number 1

Stack them. If you have a large, oversized mirror, choose a corner or area of your room that needs a touch of the dramatic. Set the mirror on the floor and lean it against the wall.

Then stack one or two like mirrors, but smaller in size against the larger mirror, and you have instantly added depth and interest to a dark corner.

Number 2

Layer them on a mantel. Use the same concept that was used in a corner or against a wall and add the same idea to a mantel. Hang the largest above the mantel, and lean one or two against the original mirror. 

The one or two that are placed on the mantel and leaning against the larger, hanging mirror will reflect light back into the room to brighten and liven the space.

Number 3

Add a festive wreath. When the holidays roll around, take your largest mirror and place it in the same area as your decorated Christmas tree. Lean it against the wall, or hang it. 

Either way, it will reflect back the sparkle and lights of your tree. Add a festive wreath that will hang on the surface of the mirror and include the mirror as part of the decorations of the season.

Number 4

Place a mirror in an entry or foyer. A French mirror can add an elegant look and set the tone as soon as your guests make the first step into your home. Place the mirror over a table like this French inspired Demi Lune table or a French Townhome Console. 

When placed in your foyer, a mirror instantly adds reflective light and a welcoming aura to the entrance of your home. This immediately creates a lasting impression for whomever enters.

Number 5

Add pizzaz and style to any bathroom. Rather than the boring traditional mirror in your bathrooms, add an incredible sumptuous piece of art above the sinks. 

If you have a double sink, consider using one oversized mirror rather than two smaller ones for an unexpected grand statement.

Number 6

Group several small mirrors together. Rather than one large mirror in your desired space, try grouping several small mirrors varied in both size and shape. 

Make sure that the mirrors share a likeness so that they blend rather than clash, and the grouping will add a whimsical flair to the area you choose to place them in.

In Conclusion

You can use mirrors to lighten a room and to both complement and contrast. Antique French mirrors are always in style and turn any space into a fabulous and elegant retreat.