Winter Interior Design Style Guide 2020: Stone Finish Furniture

With winter approaching, it is time to turn your attention to your winter interior design. There is not a better winter design than furniture done in a stone finish to evoke that winter feel.

A stone finish on furniture is the epitome of winter design. It is fresh, clean, and crisp, just like a winter morning.

When looking to define your winter interior design, look no further than the Eloquence Bordeaux furniture pieces from The Bella Cottage Inc. 

These select pieces will bring elegance and style to your room no matter the season.


The Eloquence Bordeaux Collection in Stone Finish

The Eloquence pieces evoke a timeless French Country style. 

When you purchase one of The Bella Cottages Eloquence  Bordeaux pieces, you will know that the craftsmanship makes this collection one that is constructed to last a lifetime. 

This is the type of furniture that gets remembered and passed down through the generations. 

The clean lines and French Country charm never go out of style. The Eloquence Bordeaux Collection captures the very essence of 19th-century elegance. 

The look is inspired by the grand Chateau de Versailles. You will also see the influence of the incredible furniture of King Louis XV and King Louis XVI in the lines of the Eloquence Bordeaux collection. 


The Eloquence Bordeaux Collection is Made In The USA

Although the Eloquence Bordeaux collection evokes the French 19th century's sophistication, it is handcrafted here in the United States in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. 

Each piece in the collection is thoughtfully designed by skilled artisans. Being handmade, there will be small nuances in each piece, and no two pieces will be identical. 

The piece that you purchase will be distinctive in itself. They will have the small and subtle distinctions that come with objects crafted by hand. 

The hand-applied distressing of the stone finish will be one of a kind with each piece. The nuances add to the character of the piece. 

Made from Acacia wood, the hardwood characteristics of Acacia make it long-lasting and ideal for use in some of the finest furniture. 

It is not easily scratched, is water-resistant, and will not readily warp. That is precisely why Acacia wood's properties make these quality Eloquence Bordeaux pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Each and every piece has been reimagined to bring simple and understated luxury to your home.



Eloquence® Bordeaux Dresser in Stone Finish – The Bella Cottage Inc.

The Eloquence Bordeaux dresser has clean lines and a simple elegance that speaks for itself. 

The understated lines and grace of this piece will not just compliment the other pieces in your room; it is able to stand on its own, no matter what you pair this dresser with. 

With the Eloquence Bordeaux dresser, functional utility and distinctive style meet in this large dresser. 

The deep drawers will easily hold bulky sweaters for those cold winter evenings and keep your belongings organized and easy to access.

The stately size will provide you with ample storage for your clothing items. The size of the dresser will also help to ground the space you place it in. 

Finished in the distressed white stone finish, the dresser has classic ring hardware drawer pulls. 



Measurements: 72 inches wide X 34 inches high x 24 inches deep

Interior Drawer: 30.5 inches wide X 18 inches deep

Weight: 239 lbs.

Constructed with Acacia wood, engineered hardwood, veneer, and MDF, metal glides

Finished in silver and antique white

(6) X drawers



Eloquence® Grande Bordeaux Commode in Stone Finish – The Bella Cottage Inc.

The perfect companion piece for the Eloquence Bordeaux dresser, the Grande Bordeaux Commode in stone finish brings that antique element to your room. 

You can never have too many drawers or enough storage space; this commode will stand ready to take any overflow and keep your closet from becoming a catch-all. 

Beautifully made, this commode will compliment your decor with its fresh stone finish that accents and blends with any decor, creating an ideal symmetry with the other pieces in the room. 

Elegant, tasteful, this Eloquence Grande Gordeaux commode has everything you need in both form and function.



Measurements: 50 inches wide X 34 inches high x 27 inches deep

Interior Drawer: 42 inches wide X 21 inches deep

Weight: 182 lbs.

Constructed with Acacia wood, engineered hardwood, veneer, and MDF, metal glides

Finished in silver and antique white

(3) X drawers



Eloquence®Petite Bordeaux Commode in Stone | The Bella Cottage – The Bella Cottage Inc.

Exactly the piece you will want at the bedside, the Eloquence Petite Bordeaux commode will grace the bedside as an elegant yet useful accessory to your room. 

There are always those extraneous items used on a daily basis in your bedroom; books, reading glasses, pens, paper, your iPad, and numerous other necessaries. 

The Eloquence Petite is the right size to house all of those daily items and keeps your space looking good at the same time. 

No unsightly clutter to be a jarring element in your soothing environment. 

Perfect on each side of the bed, this Eloquence Petite with the stone finish will tie your room together with elegance and grace.



Measurements: 40 inches wide X 29 inches high x 23 inches deep

Interior Drawer: 32 inches wide X 18 inches deep

Weight: 108 lbs.

Constructed with Acacia wood, engineered hardwood, veneer, and MDF, metal glides

Finished in silver and antique white

(3) X drawers


In Conclusion

While the Eloquence Bordeaux designs fit in perfectly with your European style bedroom, these luxury pieces would look just as stunning elsewhere.

Give the dresser pride of place in a hallway under an embellished mirror. Any of these three pieces will be perfect for any vintage or traditionally inspired space.

This type of furniture has a beautiful shape that will compliment whatever setting you choose.

The stone finish on all three pieces captures the clean, crisp freshness that a winter design evokes.

The Bella Cottage Inc. Eloquence Collection will be the furniture you will have for decades and remain ever fresh and inspired as statement pieces in any room that they adorn.